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What Is OSAAT?

One Starfish At A Time

Our name represents what we stand for, our core values. 

When we started this society there were those who said, it’s no are too small. What could you possibly achieve that a bigger more established group cannot do?

The answer is obvious. You don’t have to be big to make a difference.

You just have to make a start. And that is what we have done. Small steps.

One turtle at a time

One plastic bag at a time

One enlightened mind at a time

One healthy body at a time

You can change the world for the better and make a difference.

So please support OSAAT - Sayuru Mithuru  & Prevent not Cure with your valuable comments, stories, posts and photos

Our focus is nutrition and marine conservation

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Founder of OSAAT

OSAAT is founded by Elizabeth Silva, a high school student.

''I set up OSAAT because I wanted to make a contribution to society. Every where I looked young people of my generation were chasing someone else’s initiative. They volunteered and clocked the hours, marked their attendance at events, sat through club meetings and learned absolutely nothing. Going through the motions, just because it was expected of you. 

I found it exhausting and numbing. A mindless race in an effort to be everywhere doing everything.

It is important to know who you are and what you really care about and then just focus on trying to make a difference. Not because someone said you should, but because it makes perfect sense to you.

OSAAT is my effort to chart a different path. I hope that this journey will in some small measure benefit your life and mine.''

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